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 Drifters bring me downnn

in other rad sports (surfing, skating, etc) people give each other shout outs and hype each other up via social media channels. One surfer might share, “whoa, check out Shane Dorian in the biggest barrel ever??” or “check out this dude land the first 720* air mental!”, trying to hype each other up, create a real community, Slater tries to get other surfers fans and claims it in the descriptions of his posts like, “I wonder how many followers Mark Healey @DonkeyShow will get from this tag” and stuff. Drifters only post stuff like “vote for me to win this contest so I can claim to be the worlds most favorite drifter,” “go vote for my car in this contest, I designed it myself how cool am I,” “look how much smoke I blow”.

Im trying to change this and be different. Lets face it, Im not the only drifter you follow, probably am not even your favorite driver. Who cares. Lets make drifting sick. Right now the driver I am most hyped on is Ryan Tuerck. He was on a super gnarly serious team, got back into an s13 working his ass off all season, finished well (1-2 podiums, 6th overall? I dont even know. It doesnt matter, he beat me, that fucker!), and helped create a rad web show “Tuercked” (go to youtube its radical) and it looks real fun. He is making drifting fun. KDF BRO. BROO.

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