"Best of Italy"

Yesterday some friends & i visited the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia PA to check out the "Best of Italy" automotive show. Without getting all geeky, i'll just say that this trip meant alot to me & i truly appreciated all the original cars & their racing history. Unfortunately, everyone of my pics turned out looking like shit, so i'm just going to link to the Museums flickr account, so check out tons of clear crisp photos HERE

The one car you wont see in their flickr account is this extremely rare ( #1 of 2) Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale 1966, which is on loan from Luigi Chinetti, Jr. The other is owned by the Fiat family. You actually sit in the center of the car, while your passengers sit on either side... now we know where Gordon Murray got the idea for the Mclaren F1 ;-) Read about this car HERE

One bit of interesting info was that the makers of Forza Motorsports, Turn 10 Studios, photographed & used actual cars from this Museum.

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